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Only SIX private family homes are available at the Cove in Leeward Harbor.

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So many Vacation destinations to choose!
Infiniti is all about flexibility and freedom to take the holidays you want. It's about a lifetime of great holiday opportunities where you choose where you go, when you go and for how long. It means you can take holidays to suit your lifestyle - you decide the size and type of accommodation, the activities, the resort, and how many holidays you take in a year. 

Here you will find an outline of how Points work and what you can use them for. We’ll show you how easy it is to book a holiday and give you a taste of some of the fantastic benefits of Infiniti Membership. There’s information about the Club, the Resorts and how you can keep in touch with us.

Created to give you a taste of the lifetime of pleasures to come, we hope you’ll find it interesting and useful.

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